Develop You

Change You

Applied Development

Become the Expert on You

Become the Expert on You

I will help you to change your life.  It really is as simple as that to make real change a reality.

I've spent the last twenty years  learning how the mind and body can work together positively.

Good results are easy to get if you know how.  I can help you  change today and become the person you want to be tomorrow. 

Find your path

in life

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Begin today

Be You tomorrow


I guarantee that you will make the changes you want and need or you'll get your money back. 

That's how confident I am that

what I do will work for you.

T&C's apply (see particular service for further details)

Appointments available in person across Cumbria and the North West of England.

Call and Skype appointments available worldwide.

Email support available 24/7.

You can live a positive healthy life

...But only if you 

know how. 


In an increasingly complex world its easy to lose your way.  Using a unique blend of psychology, therapeutic technique, and practical action I'll help you find your path in life again.  I'm serious about doing things that work and getting you back on track.  I mean it when I say that what I can do will work for work for you.

I'll always make sure we have a clear agreement of what you want to achieve and check that you've achieved your aims at the end of every session.  Any work we do together is led by evidence of real change that you can see and feel.  We'll do what actually works and we'll do it in a way that works for you.

Develop You

Change You

Applied Development

Become the Expert on You

My goal is to help you

Become the Expert on You

  • You learn all about you

  • How you think

  • How you work

  • How you respond

  • Your strengths

  • Your personal obstacles



use your knowledge to give you a

  • life that is designed by you

  • life that is rewarding

  • life that is you at your best

  • life that is fulfilling

  • life filled with what you want

  • life filled with what you deserve

Its all about You

When you love life, you live free 

  • being who you are

  • being the best you can be

  • living a life that you love

Start today

Change tomorrow

Find your path in life by booking a no-obligation

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