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Be a self-starter and self-build your life

After 3 months you'll be an upgraded version of you


 you'll have made some real changes.

You can build a house.  You can build a business.  You can even build a rocket these days and fly it into space.  So why not you build your own life?

If you're here, you already have an idea of the changes you want to make and just need that gentle push.  The three d's - direction, detail and decisions - are yet to come but you're ever so close.


With this package, you'll explore your life using recognised methods of analysing how you got to be the person you are today.  Things will become clearer  and you'll develop a vision for your life.

The Build a Better You package includes


6 x 1 hour face-to-face sessions, or skype if you prefer


1 x 1 hour ultraplan session - an intense session designed to help you bring together your goals and provide immediate actions to complete


Free email support between sessions to boost your progress


Free development and planning resource


personal feedback to keep you headed in the right direction.

Development packages are covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee - real change on your money back.  That's how confident I am that I can help you change your life.  Its a win-win situation.

* Terms and conditions apply, see here for further details.

Own your life and live each day like you mean it

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