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Thank you for choosing Applied Development to help you today.

This 3 month package is designed for people who already have a idea of what changes they want to make in their life.  After 1 month, you'll have created your plan detailing where you want to go and what you're doing to get there.  Ongoing email support is at your fingertips to ensure you stay on track.


After 3 months you'll have made some real changes in your life that you can see and will be able to feel the positive impact of these changes every day.


Own your life and live each day like you mean it.

Build a Better You

  • You will be required to attend all sessions and complete all necessary paperwork as agreed.


    The help, guidance and support provided by Applied Development is not intended to replace any involvement that you currently receive from another competant professional.


    All help, guidance and support is provided by Applied Development in response to the information you provide about you.  Please ensure that you provide as much detail as possible in any communication with Applied Development.