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Thank you for choosing Applied Development to help you today.

Do you have an issue that you are struggling with and are unsure what to do next?  You can email me with your concerns and I will respond within 24 hours - usually sooner.  I can help you to understand the situation, provide guidance to help you address it, and support you through the process. 


However, some issues just can't be addressed in enough detail with just one email.  With this option, you can send me an intial email that I will respond to, and you can then send me a second email providing further information and get additional help, guidance and support.


You can email to vent as much emotion about your concern as you like.  There is not much that I haven't experienced professionally and you won't shock me.  The chances are that I've already discussed the issues you'll raise many times before and will already have a wealth of experience in how to manage the situation.


Help is at your fingertips and only a day away.

Two Email package

  • The help, guidance and support provided by Applied Development is not intended to replace any input regarding your issue that you are currently receiving from another competant professional.


     All help, guidance and support is provided by Applied Development in response to the content of your email and will not include any information about your issue obtained from an external source.  Please ensure that you provide as much detail as possible in your email.