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Thank you for choosing Applied Development to help you today.

Do you have an issue that you are struggling with and are unsure what to do next?  It can make a huge difference to talk to someone about how you feel and what it is that is bothering you.


Sometimes just having someone really listen to you can help you feel valued and heard.  But you know what's better?  Having someone listen to you who can actually help you change things for the better.


I use recognised, research-based tools and techniques to help you make the changes that you want to make.  Any work we do together is led by evidence of real change in your life that you can see and feel.  


This block booking of 4 sessions will allow the space to find and understand you are and what you want. You may find that this is enough for you to make the changes you want.  However, if more sessions are required they can be arranged as agreed between both of us as the work progresses.


At the beginning of each session we will agree what we will discuss and what we expect the outcomes of each session will be.  At the end of each session we'll make sure that you've got what you wanted to get out of it and that we're moving in the right direction.


All work we do together is written up in the form of easy-to-understand notes which will be provided to you via email.  There won't be any complicated psychological terms or stuffy reports produced that are difficult to understand.  The notes are your notes and are there so you can look at whatever we discuss whenever you want to.


Usual session format.

Session 1 will be a 90-minute initial assessment of what it is you want to discuss.  After this session, you will have a good idea of what the main issues are and what can be done to help.


Sessions 2 & 3 will be where you will begin to work on changing your situation and improving your quality of life.  If further sessions are required, this will be identified in these sessions.


Session 4 will be a review session where we look at what we've done and bring everything together.

Four sessions - in person, call or skype (1x90 mins + 3x60 mins)

  • The help, guidance and support provided by Applied Development is not intended to replace any involvement that you currently receive from another competant professional.


    All help, guidance and support is provided by Applied Development in response to the information you provide about you.  Please ensure that you provide as much detail as possible in any communication with Applied Development.