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We all experience issues in life that challenge us and leave us wondering what to do for the best.  Good decisions can be hard to make when we feel stuck in the middle of a situation.


Sometimes the challenge becomes a struggle and we need help to make sense of it all.  Talking to someone with professional experience of helping people make positive changes can make all the difference.

A struggle can last a lifetime if you let it, but real change is only a second away. 

Its even better when the person you're talking to can help you change things. 

There are four ways to talk to me and get the help you deserve right now.


Introductory session - This is a no obligation 30-min chat where you can discuss your needs and get to know me and the way I work.  If we agree that we can work together the fee for this session is deducted from your next session.  Book your introductory session now.

First planning session - This is the first session we'll have together and we'll we decide what you want and how you can go about getting it.  It lasts 90-mins and you'll be provided with a plan that shows the areas we've discussed and a clear vision of what you want for your future.  You can use this as a standalone session to give you some ideas about what you can do with your life, or as session 1 of ongoing work together.

Single session - These sessions follow on from the planning session above and we'll work together to make your plan a reality.  You can have as many sessions as you like but they will always be focused on getting you where you want to go in life.  I'll always make sure that we agree on clear goals for each session, and that each session works towards your plan.  I'll always check with you that the session has achieved the goals we agreed.


Four sessions - This four session package can be booked at any time and can be used when we agree that more than one session will be required.    So, you can book four sessions straight away and this would include the planning session above as session 1 and 3 further sessions, offering a £35 saving over booking these separately.

Start today: change tomorrow


All full sessions are covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee - real change on your money back.  That's how confident I am that I can help you change your life.  Its a win-win situation.

* Terms and conditions apply, see here for further details.

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